If your non-profit organization received damage or buildings were destroyed, please fill out the FEMA Request for Public Assistance.  In conjunction with FEMA, an Small Business Administration loan request must be filled out as well. The deadline to submit the Request for Reimbursement is TODAY, January 10th at 1900 CST.

Regardless of any Insurance, SBA or any other donations, the Public Assistance must be submitted.  After the closing date above, you will not be able to apply.

  • Is Public Assistance (PA) Reimbursement Guaranteed? –  No
  • What process must you follow to see if you might qualify for PA? –  You must first go through insurance and then the Small Business Administration
  • Do you have to file for an SBA Loan before seeking PA? – Yes
  • What happens if both deny your claim? – Then you have an opportunity that could be reimbursable through PA.
  • What is the difference between PA and SBA? – The SBA is a loan and PA is a reimbursement.
  • What is a PA able to cover? –  PA can help with deductibles and may assist with costs covered outside of the insured policy or those that are (underinsured).

Please submit forms to Allison Morris – info@mayfieldgraveschamber.com and Jason Lemle – Jason@gravescountyed.com

Or call Allison Morris at 270-559-6301 or Jason Lemle -270-804-1617 with any questions.